Welcome to the world of artist Steve McQueen aka @edg3_inkology.  Owner and founder of @inkologylondon.  EDG3 has been in the tattoo industry for over 12 years – oozing with experience and enthusiasm for anything creative, pushing boundaries with his unique style.

Tattoo artist, graphic designer, body piercer and founder of @calmcareproducts London, United Kingdom.

A tattoo is not just skin deep; emotional transmutation is a very important part of EDG3’s in-depth creative process and likes to tell a story with the ability to tap into a variety of styles:

Black and Grey, Illustrative, Abstract, Realistic, Lettering/Script, Dot’s Line work, and Geometric.

“I believe you should love the skin your in and why not have fun customising that skin. Life’s too short not to!



The ‘start of everything’ for Nix was the drawing book her dad gave her as a child back in the historical capital of Bohemia, Prague in the Czech Republic.

Nix lives and breaths art, following her dreams to London where she started a Tattoo apprenticeship in 2015. Since then, Nix has gone from strength to strength building her skills and portfolio alongside some of the best artists in Europe to become a truly exceptional fine line work artist specializing in Botanical, Fine Line, Symmetry, Abstract, and Black work.

“I strongly believe that a Tattoo is a unique personal experience and I take pride in making clients feel reenergised and completely satisfied with the outcome of our session.”

“It’s extremely rewarding to see how much power and good energy I can give to someone through tattoo or piercing. When you see a client leave feeling more beautiful in their skin there is no better reward for me than that.”

‘Tattoo and Piercing is my life passion, it gets me up early in the morning and back home late at night, but I would not change a single thing about it.  Tattoos have nothing to do with your age, your background, sexual orientation, or where you come from, Tattoos are for everyone at any time of your life, and I feel incredibly privileged that I can do this job.”